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Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer

$ 4.96 / Piece
Tk 360.00 / Piece

Using a digital thermometer, you can test your temperature quickly and accurately. Digital thermometers are also environmentally friendly containing no mercury.

a) Temperature range: 32oC~42oC
b) Display LoC: temperature below 32oC
c) Display HoC: temperature above 42oC
d) Accuracy: 0.1oC
e) Display mode: LCD (3.e)
f) Power: 0.15mW ()
g) Battery: AG3 1.5V, ordinary button battery
h) Alarm: thermometer beeps after temperature taken

Digital thermometers are very precise and easy to read and use.
Product Code: hb-1261

Deliverable at: Bangladesh



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